Mixed Sprint Relays

The British Mixed Sprint Relays (and Individual Sprint) will take place at Bradford University and Bradford College on Saturday 4th May 2019.

Terrain: Bradford University is an urban estate located close to the centre and on the west side of the City of Bradford. It is predominantly a paved site, but there are lots of grassed areas. It is undulating, sited on different levels with buildings, underpasses, fences and steps.
Car Park: Longside Lane, Bradford, BD7 1SA. Space for 300+ cars and close to Student Central.
Public Transport: The area is an easy 15 minute walk from Bradford’s train stations or a shorter walk if buses are used.
Entries and fees: Entry is via Fabian4. Please see details on the Entries page of the website.
Event Centre: Registration, enquiries, download, results and toilets will be located on the bottom floor of the Student Central Facility immediately adjacent to the car park. There is also a large area with tables and chairs which can be used by competitors.
Start, Finish and Relay Changeover: These are all located adjacent to the Student Central.
Map: Map updated by Chris Burden in 2018. All maps are printed on waterproof paper. Scale will be 1:4,000 with 2.5m contours.
Electronic punching: Sportident is being used and controls will be enabled for SI Air.
Relay classes: Open, Veteran (40+), Super Veteran (55+), Ultra veteran (65+), Junior (M/W16 and under) and Young Junior (M/W12 and under) classes will be available. The Open class consists of 4 runners (2 men and 2 women) who must run in the order WMMW. Other classes are for teams of 3 who can run in any order, but there must be at least one man and one woman in each team. For the Young Junior class, leg lengths are all the same. For the Open class, the first and last legs will be shorter than the others. For all other classes the middle legs will be shorter than the first and last legs. To be eligible for any prizes or medals, team members must come from the same club. For the Open class, the Neighbouring Clubs Alliance rule can be requested. Any clubs who wish to take advantage of this proposal must notify Events and Competitions Committee and be approved before January 31st of the year in which they wish to form the Alliance. There will also be an Ad Hoc class for 3 runners of any age and from any club, but there must be at least one man and one woman. No relay runner can run twice in any of the relays. No relay runner can run on the age class competitive courses for the individual sprint, but there will be a non-competitive individual course available – see below.
Shadowing: No shadowing will be allowed in the relays.
Individual Sprint Classes: For those not running in the Relays, there will be an Individual Sprint available. Men and Women Open, Veteran (40+), Super Veteran (55+), Ultra veteran (65+), Hyper Veteran (75+), Junior (M/W16 and under) and Young Junior (M/W12 and under) classes will be available. There will be a non-competitive course available for anyone who wants to run in the relays and run as an individual afterwards. This course will be Entry on the Day only.
Course lengths: For the sprint and individual legs of the relay these are expected to be between about 1.8 and 3.2 km with winning times for each leg expected to be under 15 minutes.
Timings: The Open Relay is planned as a spectator event. It will start at about 1pm and the winning teams should be finished by 2pm. Other Relay classes will start from about 2pm. Individual Sprints will start from about 3pm.
Spectators: There will be good views of the changeover area and a spectator control, adjacent to the excellent facilities of Student Central.
Commentary and Results: Commentary is being arranged to give spectators up-to-date progress. Results will be on display in the Student Central building, and later on the event website.
Food and Drink: There are several cafes and bars in the Student Central. Competitors and spectators will be able to purchase food and drink from these establishments.
Traders: Ultra Sport and Compass Point will be in attendance at this event located close to the car park.
Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the buildings, the arena, on the courses, or near the traders. The hardstanding car parks are also not really suitable for dogs, but owners can decide if they are happy to leave their pets in vehicles.
Acknowledgements: Bradford University and Bradford College.

Organiser Davey Averill,  phone 07930 819770,  email daveyaverill@live.co.uk
Planner Leon Foster
Controller Mike Ridealgh