The British Long Distance Championships will be held on Arncliffe and Kilnsey North, on Sunday 5th May 2019.

Terrain: The terrain is almost wholly open moorland, mostly very runnable, with a profusion of contour detail.  It also features limestone pavement and much rocky and stony ground. Route choice will be complicated by uncrossable walls which can only be crossed at marked points: stiles or gates.

Travel to the Event and the Tour de Yorkshire: This cycling event will be going up Wharfedale on the same day.  We cannot give exact details at the moment.  There will be a lot of traffic.  There will be a 45 minute rolling road closure at some point in the afternoon, and there may also be a Sportive ride.

Car Park: In the main Assembly and Arena field and adjoining field to the east of Arncliffe Village, Littondale,  BD23 5QB    SD933717

Public Transport: There will be no public bus service on the day to Arncliffe. Buses run along Wharfedale with nearest stop at Kilnsey  (3.5 miles from Event Centre)

Entries and fees: Entry is via Fabian4.  Please see details on the Entries page of the website.

Event Centre: Registration, enquiries, download, results and toilets will be located in the main Arena field. There will be space for Club Tents on both sides of the run in to the Finish

Start: There will be three starts:

  • Very Near Start – for course 22 (W85 and W90): 1.2km and 110m climb from Assembly
  • Near Start – for courses 26 and 27 (M/W10A and B; M/W12B; White, Yellow)    1.3km and 110m climb from Assembly
  • Far Start – for all other courses: 1.6k and 100m climb

Finish: In the Arena field

Map: Arncliffe and Kilnsey North (Tony Thornley) – revised 2018, based on previous maps of the area by Tony Thornley, with some new fields.  https://www.aire.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#114

Electronic punching: Sportident is being used and controls will be enabled for SI Air.

Course details (subject to further controlling):

Start Course Classes Length




Far 1 M21E 15.0 580 5
Far 2 M21L 12.5 390 5
Far 3 M18E, M20E, M35L 10.9 325 5
Far 4 M40L, W21E 12.1 360 5
Far 5 M18L, M20L, M21S, W21L 7.4 290 5
Far 6 W18E, W20E, W35L, W40L 6.9 260 5
Far 7 M18S, M20S, W18L, W20L, W21S 5.3 150 5
Far 8 M45L 8.8 315 5
Far 9 M50L 8.4 280 5
Far 10 M55L 8.1 240 5
Far 11 M60L 6.9 265 5
Far 12 M35S, M40S W45L 6.2 230 5
Far 13 M16A 6.7 215 5
Far 14 M65L 6.0 190 5
Far 15 M45S, M50S W50L 6.0 205 5
Far 16 M70L, M55S W55L 5.8 155 5
Far 17 M60S W16A, W60L 5.0 185 5
Far 18 M75L W35S, W40S, W65L 4.6 160 5
Far 19 M65S W70L, W45S, W50S 4.2 140 5
Far 20 M80, M70S, M75S W18S, W20S, W55S, W60S, W65S, W75 3.4 105 5
Far 21 M85, M90 W70S, W80 3.0 70 5
V near 22 W85, W90 2.2 50 5
Far 23 M14A M16B 5.1 170 4
Far 24 W14A W16B 3.5 105 4
Far 25 M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B 3.4 100 3
Near 26 M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B 2.7 65 2
Near 27 M10B, W10B 2.0 20 1

Timings: Start times are expected to be between 1030 and 1330 (depending on pre entry numbers)

Spectators: There will be good views from the main Arena field of competitors coming to the final control, through the Arena field and then along the run in to the Finish

Dogs: No Dogs allowed in the Arena and Parking fields or on the Courses

Commentary and Results: Commentary will be provided to give spectators up-to-date progress.  Results will be on display in Arena field and later on the event website. Prize-giving will be organised on the day.

Food and Drink: ONosh and another caterer will be in attendance. The Falcon Hotel (country pub) in the village of Arncliffe is 300m from the Arena field

Traders: Ultra Sport and Compass Point will be in attendance and located in the Arena field.

String Course: It is hoped that a String Course will be provided in the main Arena or an adjacent field


Organiser David Shelley, phone 07936 546964, email dshelley@btinternet.com
Planner David Alcock
Controller Michael Chopping
Assistant Controller Tony Thornley